If you are adrenaline junkie and you believe that you’ve tried all the sports, then this experience is tailor made for you! Kitesurfing (also known as Kite Boarding) is a fast growing and dynamic new sport, which is gaining lots of publicity - because it is so extreme. It is not wind surfing, it is not wakeboarding, it is not surfing and it is not kite flying. Kite Surfing is the fusion of these disciplines with other influences to create the wildest new water sport for years. Back in 1999, there were probably only a few hundred kite surfers in the world, but the sport’s popularity is growing rapidly. Today, there are many thousands of people kitesurfing…come and join in - find out what the fuss is all about The Manawa’s Kite board programs are designed to help you learn in a safe way and reach your goals as safely and quickly as possible. Your International Kite boarding Organization (IKO) certified instructor will respect your learning rate and take you through all the steps to reach your goals.


Kitesurf Baptism 1:30h class – 60€

Entry level, no experienced, discover kitesurfing!
In the first part of this lesson, you will learn about safety and wind theory.
You will be taken though the steps of equipment set-up, launching, and landing.
Then you will go through the steps of piloting a 4 line modern kite

Complete Kitesurf course

(10h course 4/5 days 500€ ) – Entry level, no experienced.
You will learn about safety and wind theory.
You will be taken though the steps of equipment set-up, launching, and landing.
Then you will go through the steps of piloting a 4 line modern kite and body dragging in the water.
Finally, upon mastering these skills, you will be ready to move to the next step, getting up on the board and riding.
Typically a 1.5 hour lesson will not touch the board.
Normally a 3 hour may try the board at the end of the lesson but realistically this takes at least 6 hours to be on the board.
Only the latest new equipment is provided by the Manawa’s Kitesurf school
Helmets and lifejackets are required by IKO standards

Kitesurf classes by hour

50€ per hour (with all the gear included)

Private lessons

70€ per hour (with all the gear included)
/For those who want to progress quickly, there will always be an instructor with you helping / correcting details giving you always the feedback at the right time. This is why we have the maximum limit of 1 student per instructor managing to give him all the attention he deserves.

 Kitesurf Rentals

All the kitesurf gear (includes kite, board, life vest, wetsuit and harness) – 50€ per hour

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Stand up paddle boarding is one of the fastest growing water sports in the Word. Costa da Caparica is one of the best locations to discover this new exhilarating experience. Stand up paddle surfing is a traditional Hawaiian sport which promotes balance, strength and general fitness. It is excellent for surfers and non-surfers alike, as it provides an isometric workout that strengthens your core muscle groups, while giving you a fun and exciting way to view the natural surroundings
In fact, we are so convinced that you will take to stand up paddle boarding at Manawa’s School that we guarantee you will be paddling by the end of your very first lesson! We would love to introduce you to this amazing new way of enjoying the stunning Costa da Caparica beaches. It’s not all about surf, Costa da Caparica is set to become world famous for stand up paddle boarding too – so get down here and take part in this incredible experience!


SUP Baptism: Duration – 1.30h – 35€

This is where you start and is perfect for first timers. SUP is all about connecting your body to your paddle through your paddle stroke and eventually timing that stroke to connect you to the energy in the water that is all around you. Sounds cool, right? Well, it is! Your first lesson gets your feet on the board and launches you onto the learning curve!

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1 Hour
15 €
3 Hours
30 €
1 Day
70 €
2 Days
130 €
3 Days
180 €
4 Days
220 €
5 Days
250 €
6 Days
270 €


Surfing is easy and like all things good, just takes a little practice to perfect. If you get the right advice from a surf school instructor in the early days with professional surf coaching, surf lessons or private surf instruction, you will fast track the learning curve from simply standing on a wave to really surf. We give you the confidence of knowing that you are learning how to surf safely and correctly.
At Manawa’s surf School our objective it’s exclusively teaching and promote the sport of Surfing.
The School lesson offers a complete method of training with teorical and warm up exercises.


Surf Classes:

1 Lesson (spare 2h)
35 €
Pack of 5 Lessons
110 €
Pack of 10 Lessons
190 €

Surf Rentals:

Board rental (2 hour rent)
25 €
Board rental ( ½ Day rent)
35 €
Wetsuit rent (2 hour rent)
8 €
Surf Board + Wetsuit ( ½ Day rent)
40 €